Integration Service for ATCA Systems:
eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
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Systems consist of eicSys and 3rd party boards, pre-configured and tested. Firmware and software, including linux driver with EPICS, GAMMA and custom interfaces could be implemented
Integration Service for ATCA Systems:
ATCA Chassis, used from preferred suppliers with high performance backplanes in 10G or 40G technology.
ATCA Blades, Mezzanines and RTM´s developed by eicSys are usually the standard components for integration service.
ATCA Products from all manufactureres could be a part of integration service. eicSys offers “application ready” Systems with own products and 3rd party components.
Applications: High energy physics Research & development Industrial automation
ATCA-Scalable Readout System developed together with CERN RD51 collaboration for the development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors technologies is intended as a general purpose multi-channel readout solution for a wide range of detector types, and detector complexities, as well as for different experimental environments.
The ATCA-SRS System system is offered in three platforms: 14-slot ATCA crate -  624 analog channels,  79872 detector channels 6-slot ATCA crate - 144 analog channels, 36864 detector channels 2-slot ATCA crate   - 48 analog channels, 12288 detector channels
Integration Service for MTCA Systems:
eicSys provides starter kits and evaluation kits preconfigured or configured according to customers requirements. The systems could be prepared to use in beam control lines, in LLRF environements as well as in industrial applications. It could be configured with eicSys Boards and or with 3rd party boards. Also provided: Firmware installation; Software development. See more details on page “Software Firmware”
ECH-2S-1U - 1U, 2-slot MTCA.4 system General Description: The 2-slot MTCA.4 DAQ system is ready to be used as data acquisition system. The system is  offered with different sets of boards and test  software package including compiled firmware, Linux drivers and EPICS/DOOCS/GAMMA  interface. There are 2 slots compliant  with  MTCA.4 specification and one AMC 1 single or  double width. The chassis is developed in collaboration with HGF project Nr. HVF 0016 at DESY
ECH-6S-2U - 2U, 6-slot MTCA.4 system General Description: The 6-slot MTCA.4 DAQ system is ready to be used as laboratory system. The system is  free configurable with all kind of MTCA.4 boards. It is able to use also two MTCA.0 boards and a plugable MCH according to MTCA.4 standard. Typical application: Beam diagnostic evaluation and laboratory operations DAQ system LLRF control system automation visual inspection systems
Integration Service for VPX, PXIe and ComExpress Systems:
Integrated Systems on VPX, open VPX and VPX REDI provides eicSys with 3rd party boards and customized chassis. All systems will be tested and certified according to the specific needs.
I ntegrated Systems with COM Express Modules could be based on custom designed carriers or on provided carriers. eicSys develops carriers according to specific requirements.

eicSys integrates PXIe Systems with Signadyne Boards and Adlink Controllers. Chassis could be

used as standard from Adlink or customized with special designs and customized colors. All

boards are compatible to PXIe Standard. FPGA Firmware is compatible to all our platforms with

Xilinx FPGA´s.

Tests and Certifications:

System tests and configuration checks will be done at eicSys. All other Tests and certifications are provided with external labaratories and official certifications Specified Certification like MIL Std. for  shock, vibration, EMC and temperature or medical test according to IEC 60601; IEC 61010-1-2 will be done with special proofed laboratories.  

System Integration Service

eicSys offers integrated Systems based on MTCA.4, ATCA, PXIe, VPX, open VPX as well as in custom designs with firmware integration and certification.