eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
ATCA ® This high performance modular standard, Advanced Telecommunications and Computing Application, also called ATCA®, was developed for critical central office telecommunication application and is also used for a wide range of commercial and military applications. eicSys offers a complete customized infrastructure so high availability systems with a mix of Standard and custom Boards can be deployed. MTCA ® MicroTCA, Micro Telecommunications and Computing Applications, is a modular platform for building smaller and less expensive systems than AdvancedTCA while retaining the high availability architecture of AdvancedTCA. eicSys MicroTCA systems are built for physics application in MTCA.4 Standard for double Width AMC modules and RTM card space. Advanced MC ® This standard defines a family of small, hot swappable, and fully managed mezzanine cards that can be used to tailor I/O for large AdvancedTCAsystems or used as the basis for building MicroTCA systems. eicSys AMC´s are mostly MTCA.4 AMC´s for physics application


Find all kinds of Boards and Chassis for ATCA; MTCA; PXIe and VPX

which eicSys support

Advancedtca is the most important design platform,

Compactpci systems and PXI Express are also available

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PXIe ® The newest version of PXI named PXI Express and is an implementation of CompactPCI Express which combines the PCI Express, Compactpci, CPCI  and PXI standards into a new backplane standard. The specification will retain the form factor described in the compact pci standard, eicSys is developing systems with 3rd party boards from different vendors like Signadyne, Adlink, Concurrent and others.
VPX ® This new systems specification leverages the work of the individual VPX Standards to reducecustomization, testing, cost and risk. It is ideal for rugged applications in smaller packages sizes, as well as high I/O densities. eicSys are build up architectures for complete Systems with module and backplane designs from selected vendors,with defined pin outs, compliance with VPX.
ComExpress ® eicSys Com Express boards are used only for Small Form Factor applications in transportation or rugged environment. eicSys build up their own carrier boards for standard ComExpress modules.