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PCIe*, Jun. 2015 eicSys developed an expansion Kit for PCIe in ATCA systems. It consists of an ATCA PCIe x4 interface blade, interface cable and hostboard. It is working with AMC, PCI, XMC or all other PCIe X4 interface boards.
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SRS ATCA July 2015 eicSys new ATCA SRS Kit is available with new generation of Virtex 6 FPGA´s, seperate power connectors for Mezzanines to use analog, digital and optical Mezzanines. The Rear Transition Module has now two 10G SFP Interfaces and eight 1G SFP´s for read out structures via fiber over RTM. The new generation of analog Mezzanines are also availble now. Instead of mechanical switches, the hybrid configuration could be done by software switches and the boards are powerd over an separate power connector. Compatible to the new blades.