eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
high performance FMC Carrier with two HPC AMC interfaces


eicSys supports all Kind of MTCA boards and systems, MTCA.0;


MTCA.4 chassis 1U   2 slot MTCA.4, 1 slot MTCA.0, 220 V power supply red. opt. 2U   6 slot MTCA.4, 6 slot MTCA.4, 4 Slot RTM, 220 V power supply plugable 600 Watt 5U   6 slot MTCA.4, 220 V power supply red. opt. 9U 12 slot MTCA.4, 220 V power supply, opt. -48 V power red. opt.
MTCA.0 chassis 1HE   6 slot MTCA.0, MCH slot, 220 V power supply 2HE 12 slot MTCA.4, MCH slot 220 V power supply MTCA.4 boards EAMC-FMC500 - low cost FMC carrier with one HPC and one LPC FMC interface EAMC-D102 - high speed, high performance (16-bit) analog to digital converter AdvancedMC (AMC). ERTM-D102 - 10 channels signal conditioning board with FMC slot ERTM-RFI8-1.3GHz - 8 channel down-converter, 1.3 GHz input, IF=81 MHz ERTM-P100 -   4-channel Piezo Driver RTM (Rear Transition Module) EAMC-FMC270 -
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