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eicSys Embedded Integrated Control Systems GmbH Sylvesterallee 2 22525 Hamburg Germany email: contact@eicsys.eu Phone / Telefon: +49 40 560 60 629 Registered / Registriert: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 88119 VAT ID / USt-ID Nr.: DE231075273 EORI Nr.: DE1101544 Poland Eicsys Embedded Integrated Control Systems Kosciuszki 80/82 Lodz Office space at university, department of microelectronics and computer science for further information please switch to our polish website www.eicsys.pl
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eicSys Embedded Integrated Control Systems GmbH

Hamburg, Friedrich Fix

Sylvesterallee 2

22525 Hamburg, Germany


Telefon: +49 40 56060629