eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
ATCA chassis 3HE, 2 Slot horizontal chassis 220 V power input 3HE, 2 Slot horizontal chassis -48 V DC input 6HE, 6 Slot horizontal chassis 220 V power input 5HE, 6 Slot horizontal chassis -48 V DC input 13HE, 14 Slot vertical chassis -48 V DC input, 3 power entry modules  ATCA boards ATCA, AMC carrier, 4 AMC slots  ATCA CPU board, multicore processortechnology ATCA, FMC carrier, 2 FMC slots ATCA, custom carrier, 2 mezzanine slots ADC board, custom design, 24 Inputs via HDMI interfaces optical mezzanine board with 36 optical Interfaces ATCA, custom RTM board 4x 10GB SFP interfaces ATCA, custom concentrator board with switch function via backplane   Backplanes 10GB; 40GB Full mesh backplanes from 2 to 14 Slots Star configuration for 6 Slot and 14 Slot Dual Star configuration for 14 Slot AXIe configuration for 6 and 14 Slot


eicSys supports all kind of ATCA boards and ATCA systems.

Based on our own Boards and selected additions with cards from 

third party  manufacturers we build  up high performance systems

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