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ATCA backplanes are designed by Elma electronic GmbH
Blades: EATCA-200 - similar ATCA blade with 2 mezzanine slots for EAD-MXX boards, But with 2 x Kintex 7 FPGA´s will coming soon. Mezzanines: EAD-M1 EAD-M2 EAD-M3 RTM: ERTM-100 - RTM to EATCA100 ERTM-101 - RTM to EATCA101 and EATCA-100 ERTM-200 - RTM to EATCA200 ATCA load Blade Key Features ATCA‐compliant load blade Up to 600W front blade load IP and Serial communication for controlling application Rich set of sensors and indications Full software control over the load power consumption for each of the four power segments
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Backplanes 2 Slot repl. mesh backplane 10GB 2 Slot repl. mesh backplane 40GB 6 Slot repl. mesh backplane 10GB 6 Slot repl. mesh backplane 40GB opt. AXIe lines in P20 op. Star configuration 14 Slot full mesh backplane 10GB 14 Slot full mesh backplane 40GB opt. AXIe lines in P20 opt. Dual Star configuration opt. Dual Dual Star configuration
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ATCA® Boards, RTM´s and Backplanes

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EATCA-101 - ATCA blade with 2 mezzanine slots for EAD- Mx boards, The EATCA-101 board is an universal carrier for custom mezzanine modules implemented in ATCA standard. The blade has been designed to optimize the flow of data between mezzanines, processing units (2 x Virtex 6 FPGA), memory devices (DDR3 SODIMM), the backplane and rear transition modules (RTMs) for a fast, low latency, real time processing. The primary application of the blade is trigger and data acquisition system for a large scale detectors. The blade provide a high bandwidth, full mesh connectivity for exchanging data between boards in the ATCA crate. For these reasons it can also be used for efficient implementation of control systems - both real time and slow. When supported by ATCA concentrator unit it provides huge computation power for digital signal processing. To provide stable, clean clock signals a configurable clock distribution  with jitter attenuators is implemented.