eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems


at eicSys, the experts for ATCA, MTCA, PXIe and VPX systems

eicSys GmbH Impressum   AGB Copyright 2015 ATCA advancedtca MTCA microtca PXI pxie pxi express vpx open vpx compactpci compact pci fmc ComExpress network based electronic systems
experts for ATCA, MTCA, VPX and PXI Express board design System Integration Firmware Development FPGA Progamming eicSys has extensive knowledge and experience in design, construction and manufacturing of complex electronical equipment for instrumentation, control and data acquisition systems in advancedtca, micro tca, pxi or pxi express form factors. The company was established in the year 1998 as a privately owned company of limited liability (GmbH) under German Law. The company name eicSys – Embedded Integrated Control Systems GmbH reflects current activity field of the company. Eicsys offers a wide range of electronics from board level to complete integrated systems with firmware programming for ATCA, MTCA, VPX and PXIe platforms. Since 2012 eicSys has also an office in   Lodz, Poland.

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